ENFO was the Department of Environment’s public facing information service: it operated between 1990 and 2009. The following are a list of materials produced by ENFO during that period. Please note that the ENFO office is no longer open to the public.

ENFO Stoat Information Leaflet

ENFO Short Eared Owl Information Leaflet

ENFO Red Grouse Poster

ENFO Red Squirrel Information Leaflet

ENFO Otter Information Leaflet

ENFO Moths Poster

ENFO Long Eared Owl Leaflet

ENFO Insects Poster

ENFO Field Mouse Leaflet

ENFO Eagle Poster

ENFO Common Frog Poster

ENFO Common Dolphin Poster

ENFO Butterflies Poster

ENFO Birds Poster

ENFO Barn Owl Leaflet