What can I do to help protect grassland biodiversity?

  • Let your garden go a bit wild!  Rather than follow the trend for bright green, weed-free, manicured lawns (which require substantial input of fertiliser and weed killer) or low maintenance surfaces in your garden, opt for a low maintenance wildflower garden.  Just make sure seed is locally sourced.  Speak to Seed Savers about approved dealers.
  • If farming, adhere to Good Farming Practice and if you farm within protected areas, discuss farm management with your local wildlife ranger to find a regime that works for you but for wildlife too!
  • Consider joining REPS, the Rural Environment Protection Scheme.  Go to http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/ for details.
  • Leave wildlife strips along the edges of fields.
  • Celebrate landscape features such as dry stonewalls, trees and hedgerows.  Not only will they add a positive visual element, they will also provide a variety of habitats which will increase the variety of plants and animals.
  • Where species rich grassland are to be lost to construction, collect seed and turf and create similar habitat nearby.
  • Maintain leave strips along river banks to ensure a wildlife corridor is maintained.

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