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Check out some of the pictures that have been sent in to the Notice Nature Gallery.

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Check out what to notice during the Autumn months...

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Try some of these games on biodiversity, food and farming.

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Teaching Resources

 CBD Teaching resources on the themes of biodiversity and agriculture.

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 'Resources for Rethinking' Teaching resources on sustainability and biodiversity.

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 Eco-Unesco publishes a wide range of environmental education resources


Irish Seal sanctuary have developed a learning programme for

primary school and transition year students and CPSE classes on the

marine environment and wildlife such as Seals.

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Watch the birdie!!

The birdcams on RTE's Mooney Show are now online. One of the cameras is in Derek Mooneys garden and another is in the grounds of Aras an Uachtarain. Click on the icons below to check them out


Find out whats happening in Dublin Zoo by clicking on the Zoo Logo below

Interesting Animals

from the CBD's Biodiversity for kids website
Canadian Lynx


European Hare


Iberian Lynx

Loggerhead Turtle


Polar Bear


Siberian Tiger


House Cat 

Otters Photo courtesy of Meghan O'Dowd


In March 2010, RTE screened a fabulous documentary series, produced by Crossing the Line Films,  which featured Ireland’s most heroic wildlife travelers and the incredible journeys they carry out every single year. From the 20,000km flown annually by the Manx Shearwaters to the transatlantic voyages of our eels and salmon, ‘Wild Journeys’ followed  these voyagers to the ends of the Earth, showing the extraordinary challenges they meet and the magnificent landscapes they visit en-route.

A coloured poster, which illustrates the migratory pattern of the wildlife featured in the series, was produced in association with Notice Nature. Click here to see the poster. Some fun worksheets accompanying the series can be downloaded by clicking here.

Have you noticed nature lately?

Out and About


Want to learn more about Butterflies - Click here to see our Butterfly Poster

Summer is a great time to get out and about and notice nature! The wildlife around you will

become alive with wonderful and exciting activity. To help you identify some different species

 that are around in Summer, Notice Nature has an Out & About Species Card for you to print

 and bring along with you. We would love to hear which species you’ve seen on your travels

 so be sure to report back to us!

The Bio - Daversity Code

Do you have what it takes to crack the code? Click on the picture of  Robert Penguin and Sophie Minnow to help them solve the Bio DaVersity Code


Biodiversity & Food

Check out this Convention on Biological Diversity feature on Biodiversity & Agriculture and find

out how life on earth provides us with the food we eat. Click on the image below.



Nature's Web Newsletter


Nature's Web is an exciting newsletter for children, featuring interesting and informative news on

nature and the environment. Click the image below for more information.




Notice Nature Quiz

Here are the questions, the answers can be found throughout the website.  Let us know if you have any trouble finding the answers!

  1. What is Biodiversity?
  2. Name one invasive alien species?
  3. What is an SAC?
  4. How many species of mammal are there in Ireland?
  5. What is a habitat?
  6. What does CBD stand for?
  7. How many species have been identified on earth?
  8. How many lakes are there in Ireland?

Nature Crossword

Word SearchDownload the Notice Nature crossword puzzle

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