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Picture sent in by Mrs Casey -County Tyrone

Mrs Casey has many visitors to her garden from the large wooded area behind her house, these include    seven red squirrels


Picture sent in by Marie George -Ballon, Co.Carlow

Marie from Ballon, Co. Carlow has a Kestral that likes to hang around her garden

Picture sent in by Eamon Lynch - Navan Road, Dublin

Eamon Lynch sent us in this picture of a young Cormorant, the picture was taken in Dublin City

Picture sent in by Eamon Lynch - Navan Road, Dublin

 This picture of two swans feeding was sent in by Eamon Lynch, this picture was taken in Dublin.

Picture sent in by - Tomas Martin, Kenmare, Co. Kerry

This picture was taken in a local beech wood.Flowers that can be seen in the picture include Primrose and Bluebell.



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