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Pine Marten



The Otter in Ireland

Protect Irish Crayfish

Invasive Species

Bats in Houses


Natures Way - Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Ireland      

Natures Way - Pollinators in Ireland     

Natures Way - The Wonder of Peatlands  

Natures Way - Invasive Alien Species

Notice Nature Posters

Rabbit                            Red Deer              Bats in Ireland
Pine Marten                    Hedgehog            Garden Birds
Fox                                Badger               

ENFO Posters       

Irish Moths                      Irish Butterflies                Stoat
Irish Insects                    Barn Owl                         Red Squirrel
Short Eared Owl              Long Eared Owl                Otter
Golden Eagle                   Red Grouse                     Field Mouse
Common Frog                 Common Dolphin             Birds of the Boglands      


Actions For Biodiversity 2011-2016
4th. National Report to the CBD


Bats and Lighting

Bats in buildings

OPW Arterial Drainage Maintenance Protection & Enhancement for Bats

Wildlife, Habitats & the Extractive Industry

Guidelines for the protection of biodiversity: Tourism

Wildlife, Habitats & Development

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