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New Zealand Flatworm- Arthurdendyus triangulatus

Terrestrial - lives in soil.

It is currently found in the six counties of Northern Ireland. The species is present in the Republic however may be under-recorded.

What does it look like?
This worm is flat and its colour may vary from grey to brown, with a pale yellow margin and underside covered by specks. The New Zealand Flatworm unlike the native worm doesnít have a segmented body.

By out-competing the native earthworm the New Zealand Flatworm threatens terrestrial ecosystems. The native worm plays an important role in aerating soils, decomposing material and improving drainage for agricultural lands and gardens. The New Zealand flatworm has been shown to significantly reduce earthworm numbers.

Where is it originally from?
New Zealand, it was transported to Northern Ireland during the sixties in plant potting soil.

What can you do?
Go to the Invasive Species Ireland website for more information andreport any sitings.

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