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After habitat destruction, invasive alien species are the 2nd greatest threat to biodiversity worldwide.

Notice Nature is teaming up with Invasive Species Ireland and the CAISIE Life+ project to help raise awareness of this issue and to get everyone involved in combating Ireland’s invasive alien species.

What are invasive alien species?

Invasive alien species are non-native species that, as a result of human activity, have been transported further than they could naturally travel and have subsequently disrupted their newly colonised environments. 

Alien species can belong to any groups of organisms including birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, micro-organisms and invertebrates.

Invasive alien species negatively impact Irish biodiversity through competition, herbivory, predation, habitat alteration, introduction of parasites or pathogens, and dilution of gene pools. 

Further information can also be found on theInland Fisheries website.


Inland Fisheries Ireland's new smart phone app is now available to download from the Google Play and iTunes App stores.

The easy to use and readily accessible ‘IFI - Invasive Species’ app will aid users in the identification of invasive species and permit them to take georeferenced photographs that will immediately be uploaded to the IFI server. The information so received will be reviewed, uploaded onto the IFI species database and, if the sighting is of something new or particularly worrying, will trigger an immediate on-site survey by IFI staff.

IFI want as many people as possible use this app and help it in its ongoing battle against Aquatic Invasive Species.

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