Ireland's Biodiversity Awareness Campaign

National Parks and Wildlife Service, in collaboration with IRD Duhallow, are embarking on one of the most exciting wildlife projects in some time, following four young Hen Harriers by means of lightweight satellite tags as they make their respective journeys in life.


The Hen Harrier is one of Irelandís most spectacular and special birds of prey, yet is also one of our most threatened species. NPWS has a long-standing and close affinity with the Hen Harrier, having been involved in researching, monitoring and protecting the raptor for over 30 years now. Advances in modern technology have enabled us to progress this cutting edge research with IRD Duhallow, using state-of-the-art satellite trackers.


The travels of four young Hen Harriers from the Duhallow Region of East Kerry and North Cork will be followed from August 2012  on an almost daily basis, with updates on their progress and individual stories available on the project website


The information and data derived from the satellite trackers will build on the picture of Hen Harrier movements and survival already presented by a collaborative wing-tagging project between NPWS, IRSG and UCC. In addition, the stories of the individual harriers themselves, named by the local school children of Duhallow, will help foster a greater awareness and understanding of Hen Harriers among the general public.


Log onto for the latest on the project and the birdís movements.

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