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Earthlings Take Action!

Many invasive alien species spread accidentally through human interference. Invasive plants are often spread through the unintentional transportation of plant fragments or seeds, while animals and insects can move independently within their habitats or hitch rides on vehicles, machinery and freight. We all have responsibility to help stop the spread of alien species…



Take some of our top actions below to combat Aliens


Learn to Identify Alien Species

 Check out the Invasive Species Ireland Project ‘Field Guide’ so that you will be equipped to identify some of Ireland’s most unwanted alien species. Click here 


Report sitings of non-native species

Log any sitings of non-native species on the ‘Alien Watch’ part of the Invasive Species Ireland Project website by clicking here.


Get involved with the Invasive Species Ireland Project


Do not grow invasive alien species in your garden

Before choosing plants for your garden or pond, make sure that they are not invasive, non-native species. Ask for advice in your garden and request plants from local origin and from certified sources. See the Invasive Species Ireland Horticulture Guidelines.

Dispose Plant Material Safely

Never dispose of plant material in the countryside. This material can be composted or taken to municipal recycling centres. Contain material in sealed bags or containers prior to removal.


Don’t take aliens with you

When travelling, be sure to clean your bags and boots - throw out any food and plants as these can carry pests or become invasive themselves when bought to another environment.           


Boaters & Anglers

Clean and dry your boat, fishing nets and angling equipment thoroughly before transporting it to a different water body. Wet angling gear can spread crayfish plague and collected water may contain seed or plant fragments from invasive alien species. See the Invasive Species Ireland guide for boat users – click here


Eradicate Aliens

See the Invasive Species Ireland website to find out how you can tackle some invasive species yourselves. Check out their ‘Education and Awareness’ material and Best Practice Management Guidelines’. 



Join in invasive alien eradication programmes. Contact some of the NGO’s in our links section to see any of these are getting involved in invasive species projects. Alternatively, get in touch with your local authority environmental or biodiversity conservation officers for advice.


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