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Chub - Leuciscus cephalus

Freshwater, present in rivers with a moderate flow and occasionally in lakes

The species is now known from the River Inny in the Shannon River system.

What does it look like?
The chub is a member of the carp family that reaches an average length of 30-45 cm (1.0-1.5kg) although larger specimens are found on the continent. The mouth is wide. It had large scales that are bordered with black or grey, and their colour varies from grey brown tinged colour to a golden tone, blending into the white of the belly. The rounded fins are red in colour.

This freshwater fish threatens native species and there is the possibility of hybridisation as well as the introduction of new fish diseases. The Chub could also outcompete native fish especially trout and salmon parr which would lead to associated economic impacts.

Where is it originally from?
The Chub is a widespread fish in Europe

What can you do?
Go to the Invasive Species Ireland website for more information and report sitings of the fish.

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