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Chinese Mitten Crab- Eriocheir sinensis

The Chinese Mitten Crab spends most of its life in freshwater, however it migrates to sea areas to mate.

Being the only crab found in freshwater systems there is the potential for this organism to dominate and threaten native species such as the White Clawed Crayfish. The Mitten Crab is also an intermediate host for the mammalian lung fluke Paragonimus ringer, known to infect humans.

What does it look like?
The crab is light brown in colour and had hairs on even sized claws or what are sometimes called ‘mittens’.

Where is it originally from?
The crab is originally from Asia where it is considered a delicacy.

What can you do?
Visit the Invasive Species Ireland website to find out more and to report sitings of the Chinese Mitten Crab

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